Popping the Mold

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Today was another banner day. I have been busy all week and unable to get down and take pictures of the bulkheads installed but I guess they are in there as today we split the mold. Here is a picture of the mold before splitting. They have installed the tracks on either side so that once the mold is split, the two halves can be rolled out of the way.

A hydraulic porta-power is used to split the mold. Here you can see there is about a 1″ gap and the hull is beginning to be seen as the side is moved out.

Air pressure to ports strategically placed around the mold help to insure a uniform release.

Just a little more pressure on the porta-power and with time, more of the hull becomes visible. Someone remarked that we were giving birth to the hull and in many ways, they are right. It sure has been a long gestation period.

Here is a shot I took from the bow looking aft. You can see the molded in bow thruster tube. There really is a strong sense of excitement now among the team. There were a lot of smiling faces today.

And finally the mold is moved away and we can see the beautiful shape of the hull. There are a few areas that will need touch up, but all in all, it was a very successful layup. There will be a few beers consumed tonight in celebration.
And here the mold is completely out of the way (starboard side only). Tomorrow they will move the port side out of the way and the hull will be moved to our production site in Anacortes to begin the serious part of installing systems, superstructure, interior, etc. A lot of work still to do, but this is a major milestone.

These guys really get into their work……!!! I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of two of the team preparing the fuel tank mold for layup. They really were into it…….litterally…..