Owner Comments

“We have had nothing but positive support from you since the day we met.  Not only is the support top notch but so is your product.  


Owner of Nor’wester

“You’ve done a fine job on the [Northwest] 50.  Construction quality is excellent.”

Steve D’Antonio

Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting

“I want to thank you for all the support you provided me with “The Path”, my 45′ Northwest this past year. 

I have owned many vessels over the past forty years and none of them comes close to the quality of this one. I even thoroughly checked out the Nordhavn line prior to this purchase and I have to say your vessels are superior.

Captain Mike Johnson

Owner of “The Path”

“I truly feel that you are a professional and it’s been a great experience to have worked with you and were we not so satisfied with Rhapsody I’d consider another yacht but as it is no need to. ”

Lee Styckett

Owner of Rhapsody

“Would I build another boat with Northwest Yachts, I most certainly would because I have complete confidence in Peter’s ability to assemble the right people for the job; people who are willing to help in every way possible to accommodate special needs and who are extremely capable of the very complex task of boat building.”


Owner of Shellfish

“We worked with Peter and his design and construction staff to develop a “most perfect” trawler for the customers.   The design and construction was semi-custom. The process was simple and successful.”

Robert Noyce, Marine Surveyor

Robert A. Noyce & Associates