Northwest Yachts’ Process

There are some things you’re just not willing to compromise on.  You’ve looked at all the new and brokerage boats out there and not yet found exactly what you want. You’ve now decided to look for a  boat where you can have all the features you’re really looking for. Northwest Yachts is the place……..

We’ll begin by discussing how and where you plan to cruise.  We’ll suggest you configure your boat for how you’ll cruise 80% of the time. Are you going to cruise off shore (cross oceans), coastal (or near coastal) cruising, Inside Passage to Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean or the Great Loop?  Will you be primarily in cooler climes or the tropics?  Do you have guests aboard often or only once in a while? Will there be pets to accommodate?

Through this process, we’ll help you determine your list of “must haves” and also your “wish list”.  Our staff will be there to assist you in determining the best size, hull form, construction material, propulsion package, layout, interior design and optional equipment so your new vessel will exceed all your expectations.

Once the basics have been decided, then the real fun begins.  We’ll prepare a design and construction budget for your consideration.  Once approved, then It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of details.  So we are all on the same page, we will request a letter of intent (LOI) and a modest deposit that will allow us to begin working with our design team and the yard to finalize the specifications for your boat.

After  we have all the specifications, options, and layout tailored for you, we will prepare a final quotation and construction agreement for your approval.  We will then request an additional deposit and begin the build process.  As with any custom or semi-custom project, progress payments will be due based on milestones in the build process.  You or your representative will be encouraged to visit the shipyard to observe and inspect the progress during the build.

Delivery times will vary, depending on the size of the boat and/or the degree of “tailoring” that you desire.  Another factor will be how many boats are ahead of you in the queue or whether the tooling has been completed when you place your order.  Normal construction time for the 48 is about 8-9 months while the 70 may take as long as 20 months.

When your boat is complete and has been launched, a thorough series of sea trials will be conducted to make sure all systems are functioning properly. Final commissioning and delivery will occur either at the shipyard, our docks here in the US, or other mutually agreed upon location.

At the time of delivery, we will conduct a comphrensive training program to insure you (or your skipper) are familiar with all aspects of operating the boat, including boat handling, systems operation, and owner-performed maintenance.

The process of initial consultation, design, construction and delivery should be a fun and rewarding time for you.

Give Northwest Yachts a call or send us an email and let’s begin the conversation.