Arise…go forth…and conquer….

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It has been a few days since I added to this blog, but things have been progressing. As you can see from the picture to the left, the hull is now completely out of the mold and is being prepared for moving to the building where it will be completed. The building where the hull was laid up is not tall enough to “stack” the boat. Stacking is the term used to install the superstructure and pilothouse. The hydraulic trailer has been positioned here and they will lift the boat up to remove the tunnel molds which have been keeping the boat secure.

In the picture to the right the tunnel mold has been removed and the trailer is being repositioned to lift the boat. This operation takes quite some time as the trailer must be positioned perfectly centered and the two rails must pass on either side of the keel without touching it while the trailer is backed into place.

The hull has been secured to the trailer and now to get it out the door. I sure hope someone measured carefully. (just kidding) But it was a tight fit. Only a few inches on either side to spare. I looks like we will have to get a building with a bigger door before we begin the 52 or 62 which are considerably wider.

Wow….it sure looks big when you get it outside…….

It is just a short trip to the new building…

Almost there!!!!

…..and here is the hull in the new building.