On The Road Again!!!

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Today was moving day………again…. We have been building in a temporary facility and now we are moving the boat to our new building. The building has a bit of history as it formerly was used by Northern Marine as a manufacturing facility. A lot of our crew (former Northern people) worked here for many years. More recently the building was used by BMW Oracle to build their Americas Cup contenders. But now it is ours……
Here is a shot of the woodworking shop. Dan and crew are ecstatic with the amount of room they have to work with. Here they are just getting set up. They have their work cut out for them as I don’t want to lose any production time.
Here is another shot of the interior. The building is 20,000sq. ft. We should have room to build 3-4 of the 42’s and a couple of 52’s or 62’s to boot. Part infusion will be done at our facility at Bayview Edison so we won’t have to deal with moving molds around or storing them when not in use.
Before we move the boat into the new building, we are installing the pilothouse shell.
By golly……it is starting to look like a boat.
It fit through the door with plenty of room to spare. The cradle that it is now sitting on will make it easy to move around the shop.
And here she is in her new home for the next couple of months. The boat deck is being infused and should be ready for installation in a week or so. I will post further developments.