Single Stateroom Layout and Engine Room Changes

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There have been many requests for a single stateroom layout for the 42……so below is the Steve Davis rendering of how it would look. The bed is a king size bed and there is plenty of room to move around the spacious stateroom. Also note that the head has two sinks. The entry arrangement to the head is designed so that the head can be accessed without entering the stateroom. This provides privacy if guests need to use the facilities and someone is sleeping in.

To the right as you go forward out of the saloon is the washer/dryer (full sized Bosch) and a storage/commissary area.

If you look at the engine room, you will also see some changes in the layout. We have split the fuel tanks to either side and moved the genset to the forward part of the engine room. This will open up the area forward of the engine so you will have more room to work. It also improves weight distribution as the genset is quite heavy. One additional benefit is that with the genset forward, there is much easier access to the BAT drive (if installed).

We will be moving into our new building this upcoming week. I will post pictures then.