Say It Ain’t So……. or…….The Party’s Over

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It is fitting that the last morning would dawn spectacularly. We had to be at the ship by 8:00 AM so we left at 6:45 to allow plenty of time.The crew had already begun to submerge Super Servant 3 in preparation of the 13 boarding yachts.Here is Navigator, a Krogen 48 preparing to enter. She will be the first powerboat and will tie port side forward.We are “on deck” to enter right behind Stormy Weather, a Hatteras 48 LRC owned by Dudley and Jean who have been cruising in Mexico for quite sometime. We enjoyed their company on the dock for these past few weeks.Here we are, all nestled in. That’s Nor’wester 3 boats back on the right of the picture. The divers will position the bracing before the ship is raised. Welders will weld the bracing to insure that everyone stays where they are supposed to, even inrough seas.

Sadly, we pull away in the launch.

These past two months have been perhaps the best times of our lives. Our dream of creating a world class, comfortable, luxury, coastal cruising trawler has come true. Nor’wester has performed far beyond our expectations. Everywhere she went, she was met with oohs and aahs by guests and passers by alike (even a competitor or two). We have made so many new friends and bumped into old friends as well along the way. We will never forget 2007 and the FUBAR Odyssey.

So now it is time to head north. Back to Anacortes to prepare for the next adventure. What is it to be?