Nor’wester to be at Anacortes Boat Show

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With work being done feverishly to complete Nor’wester so she will be able to safely transit to San Diego and participate in the FUBAR Odyssey, we decided to display her in the upcoming Anacortes Boat Show, October 5,6, and 7.

Almost all of the work needed to complete her is finish work such as cabinet hardware, cork floor sealing, trim installation and some detail work.

The life raft has arrived and we should receive the new 406 EPIRB this week. I also decided that an Iridium phone was in order so that should be here on Tuesday.

With all of the preparations being completed, I will not attend Trawlerfest in Solomons, but Jan (my wife) and Robert and Susan Noyce of Noyce Yachts (Annapolis) will be there. We have a booth reserved. I will miss it as we had a wonderful time last year. By next year, we hope to have an actual boat there.

Not much of interest to take photos of. I will post once she is back in the water.