Northwest……….altering course

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Welcome to our new website!!!.  If you have reached this page after having looked at the other parts of the site, you know we have “altered course” a bit to add many new models in both semi-displacement, performance trawlers and full displacement expedition yachts.

We begin our new line with the “Looper” 44.  As we have traveled around the country, displaying in various boat shows and Trawler Fests, we have heard so many people talking about their cruising goal as being doing the “Great Loop”.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Great Loop, it is a cruise of about 6000 (plus or minus) miles that encompasses the Intra Coastal Waterway, the Hudson River, the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and/or Tennessee River/Tom Bigbee Waterway, Gulf Coast, and then either around the tip of Florida or across Florida on the Okeechobee Waterway.  The beauty of this cruise is that it is in mostly protected waters and you can begin, end, or pause your cruise pretty much anywhere along the route.  Some people make it a quest to complete the trip in a continuous cruise while others will break it up into more than one cruising season. For more information visit the Great Loop Cruiser’s Association website.

Anyway……..the Looper 44 is the perfect boat for that cruise.  One of the requirements is that your boat can pass under the bridges that are found along the way.  To have unrestricted ability to cruise, your boat must be able to clear 15′ 6″.  The Looper 44, with the electro-mechanical lowering radar arch has a bridge clearance of 15′ 3″.  It also has easy access topsides for line handling in the locks.  At 44 feet, it has accommodations for the cruising couple and the occasional guests.  As with all our boats, a full-size washer/dryer is included in the standard specs.  One of the cruising challenges is sometimes finding a laundromat (or a clean laundromat) to wash your clothes.  No need to search….you’ve got it with you.

As time goes on, I plan to post more information about our designs as well as other subjects of interest to the power cruiser.  Check back often.