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In the above picture you can see some of the hydraulic valving, pumps, etc. that comprise the hydraulic system in hull #1. The pump that you see at the left of the picture is attached to the generator and will provide power for the BAT drive “get home” system. The pump is cross plumbed to the main hydraulic system in case of failure.
This is the hot and cold water manifold system located behind the day head. All of the piping is of pex type tubing. All of the hot water lines are insulated. I was impressed with the professional installation that Phil did here.

A lot of progress has been made forward. Here you can see the bulkheads for the staterooms and heads.
The superstructure mold is being “dry stacked” in preparation for the infusion process. Unlike the hull, this mold is very complicated and requires a lot of meticulous trimming of the glass and core material. I expect that they will infuse next week and I will try and catch it on camera.