Superstructure Infusion

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I was a bit late getting over for the infusion. As you can see above, the bag is in place and the lines are filled with resin. They began a couple of hours ago and here it is nearly complete
Patrick (yellow shirt) is inspecting to make sure that the resin is uniformly infusing. You can see all of the tubes that run to various parts of the mold.
Another shot showing the tubes in the resin barrel.
Here is a shot from up on top. The process is nearly complete.
No, this is not a setup at the Buena Vista for Irish Coffee…….these are the resin samples. When a new batch of resin is mixed, a sample is taken to insure that the mix was correct and it “kicks” properly. All of them did. I was afraid to ask what they do if one or more don’t.
This is the upper portion and you can see where it isn’t quite fully infused. The dark areas are where the resin has penetrated.
And now, just a few minutes later, you can see that the resin is fully infused in this section. The whole process took less than 3 hours to complete. Tomorrow they will strip the bagging material and tubes and let it cure over the holiday weekend. Next Tuesday they plan to laminate the decks in and then pop the part out of the mold by the end of the week.

If you notice in the pictures there is no one wearing a mask. That is because the infusion process does not allow any VOC’s to escape into the air. There is a very faint odor of resin when you are in the room. Not totally “green” but so much better for the environment and the laminators.