Meanwhile…..Back at the Ranch

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I spent 4 days back in Anacortes this week discussing the latest progress on the project. I tried to get back into the swing of thing but it didn’t work very well. I went from gorgeous 80 degree weather in La Paz to mid 30s weather in Anacortes. A shock to the system.

Hull #2

While there I was able to see the progress on hulls 2 and 3. The color for hull 2 is going to be as striking as the green is on Nor’wester.

Port Bow

Hull #3

Hull #3 is a more traditional Flag Blue color. I think it will look very elegant. This boat is going to have an optional larger engine so it should be a few knots faster. The engine is going to be installed later this week and then the boat will take its place in line on the other side of the shop.

Mezzanine Area

A new mezzanine area has been built along the side wall. This is one end where the carpentry tools are located.

You can see the length of the mezzanine here. Hull 3 will be placed just the other side of hull 2.

This picture was taken from the far end looking back. There is room for 4 boats along the side wall with one or two more on the other side of the building. With production coming up to speed, we think that we will not have more than three boats in the building at any one time.

I am back to La Paz tomorrow to load Nor’wester on Dockwise. We are hoping to slip off to Espirtu Santos for a day, but the weather is not looking too promising. A norther is developing that makes the seas very choppy and the achorages at Espirtu Santos very uncomfortable. We’ll just have to wait and see what develops.