La Paz

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Sunday morning early we left Puerto los Cabos (Cabo San Jose) for Muertos Bay. We were supposed to leave at the same time as Venture, Tony Flemmings boat as he had Bob Lane from Passagemaker aboard and he wanted to take some pictures underway. I got a call on the radio as we were just getting up from Bruce Kessler aboard Venture saying that they were just outside the breakwater and had left early, forgetting to let us know. A mad scramble to load the dinghy, make coffee and get underway ensued with all hands participating. It took an hour at 10 knots to catch Venture. We both slowed and I made 2 passes by so the Bob could get some good shots.

Soon after, the wind began to pipe up. It was right on our nose and built to about 18 knots. The whole rest of the trip the chop kept the windshield wipers busy clearing away the salt spray. We heard on the radio that several people were not feeling well, but we were happy as clams. The trip took 9 hours and we anchored about 3pm next to Pacific Escort, Jim Leishman’s boat.

There was a grand party planned ashore at the Bahia de los Suenos resort there that evening. When we got ashore, we joined a small group that was getting a tour of the owners home that serves as a showpiece for the development. It is difficult to describe the property so the best way is for you to visit their website: It is truly a magnificent spot.

The last day…..Monday we left for La Paz. Bob Lane, our friend and writer for Passagemaker, rode with us for the 5 hour run up to La Paz. The trip was totally uneventful. Calm seas, no wind, and clear, blue skies. We arrived at the CostaBaja Resort and Marina about 12:30 and were soon nestled into our slip in the inner harbor. A grilled hamburger lunch with Bob and then it was siesta time. Monday night we had our final Fubar dinner and had (guess what?) Tacos, beans, etc. I love Mexican food, but I think I have had enough for awhile. While at the dinner, we met some long time cruising friends of mine that live aboard their sailboat here in La Paz. We are joining them for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. It is a cruiser’s event with about 250 people attending. It is put on by Club Cruceros at the Palmira marina every year, I am told. It should be fun.

Well, that is about it for the Fubar Odyssey. It was a great event and I hope they do more of them. It demonstrated that power boats can safely travel the Baja coast and hopefully it will encourage more power cruisers to venture south.

We will remain here in La Paz for a couple of weeks preparing Nor’wester to be put on Dockwise for the trip back home. We also hope to visit a few nearby islands as we have been told that the snorkling is great and we haven’t had much chance to just kick back and relax.

I will post more information as things unfold.