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The new building that we moved the hull to is only going to be used for hull #1. It has been difficult playing “musical buildings” for the last several months but space large enough and tall enough to build yachts is a bit scarce these days. With 12 (plus or minus) boat builders in Skagit county, a lot of the prime real estate has already been leased out. To combat that, we are adding on to our facility on Route 20 across the street from the Farmhouse Restaurant, a local landmark. Here is another angle. This addition is about 13000 square feet and will provide ample room as we ramp up production. The portion of the completed building shown on the right is where the CMS 5-Axis milling machine is. Eventually, we will again move the production to yet another facility as the new building here will be used for mold production.

Here is the view from the front of the complex. As you can see, while under construction, parking is at a premium. We now have over 50 employees working at 3 different facilities. We plan to be in the new building some time in late April or early May.