And Then There Were Two

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A lot has happened since my last update. We launched hull 2 in late February with quite a bit of interior finish work to be completed. The owner and owner’s representative came out to visit and were thrilled with what they found.
That’s the owner on the left with Robert Noyce, our Annapolis representative. The owner, we’ll call him “T” has grand plans for decorating the boat and they are looking forward to cruising the Chesapeake this summer.
Here is the happy skipper at the helm. We couldn’t seem to get him to stop smiling.
“Gosh!!! I can see my face in the hull” I have to admit that I was skeptical about doing a boat in yellow, but it really is stunning. I am told that this is one of the “new” colors that is the rage on the East Coast.

Hull #2 (Barb calls it “Big Bird”…….she also calls #1 “Kermit”, because it is green)is leaves on March 20th aboard Yachtpath. She is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale about the 11th of April. Those in that area can schedule an inspection with our representative there, Judy Waldman. Just click on her name on the right to get her contact information. If you are in the mid-Atlantic area or Northeast, contact Robert Noyce, also by clicking on his name on the right side of the page.

More Later…….