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We didn’t have a lot of time, but we were able to get the two boats out for a photo shoot. This is the only picture that I have so far. It was interesting. Paolo drove the #2 boat and I drove Nor’wester. We found that at top speed, the #2 boat is about a knot faster due to not having stabilizers and it also was not as heavily loaded. Paolo reports that it is very quiet and smooth, even running at full speed.

I wish that we had taken a camera with us. The camera boat, a small Bayliner Trophy of about 20′ was driven by Steve Luther with the photographer and David Voetmann (our marketing consultant) aboard. They asked us to come at the camera boat at full speed and pass on either side of it. With the 2 trawlers running at about 12 knots, we really bounced them around when our collective wakes hit them. The second time, they were pretty wide eyed as we went by.

A quick note about Trawlerfest. I just received a list of those displaying. There are about 40 boats it appears and the tent has 37 vendors signed up. This is fantastic. I hear they have had to increase the size of the tent ordered for vendors twice. I also know that the Trawlerfest people have been requesting more slips from the Port of Anacortes as the list of attendees keeps growing. We hope to make the Anacortes Trawlerfest the largest in the country.