Hull 2 Progress

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We are getting ready to deliver hull 2, a beautiful pale yellow color. This boat is headed for Annapolis, MD next month on Yacht Path. They will deliver it in Port Everglades, FL and Robert Noyce, our Mid-Atlantic representative will ferry it up the coast.
The radar arch is being installed prior to sea trial launch.
With the travel lift in place, she will make the short trip to the ramp and then into the water.
The sea trial went very smoothly with no issues. We still have a couple of weeks worth of work to finish her up but that will be completed with the boat in the water. Here she sits at the dock at the conclusion of the sea trial
A word about the bow thruster:
This is the ABT (American Bow Thruster) unit. It is the most powerful thruster I have used on a boat of this size. It is a 24 volt unit with its own dedicated battery bank of 2 8D batteries. The great thing about it is the fact that it won’t overheat and shut down like most electric thrusters. ABT tells us that you can run it until the batteries go dead (about 4-5 minutes of continuous running) and it will keep on thrusting the entire time. I don’t think you can ever say that your bow thruster is too powerful. In strong winds, it gives you a lot of confidence when docking.
The owner of this boat opted for the 5 blade prop, smooth as silk. The acceleration and top speed is higher than Nor’wester, but that is due primarily to the absence of stabilizers and a lighter boat (no hydraulics, watermaker, extra fuel, etc.).

Hull 3 is coming along nicely though I don’t have any pictures to post yet. I will when I can.