The Testing Continues

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For the past several weeks, we have been conducting sea trials on the new NW 50, hull #1. There are many systems to not only test to make sure they work, but we are doing continuing testing to insure that there is minimal chance of infant mortality.
The electronics package is pretty much all integrated. With this level of complexity and redundancy, we want to make sure that the new owner does not run into any glitches once he gets underway for his first season of cruising.
Fully loaded, this NW 50 carries 1000 gallons of fuel, 300 gallons of water, and over 200 gallons of black and gray water. This represents about 11,000 pounds of fluids. Performance is still nearing 14 knots at full load. These pictures were taken at a more reasonable cruise speed of about 8-9 knots.
There are 2 completely separate autopilot systems and they each must be tested to insure that they will work in all modes of operation.
One system that I had not used previously was the forward looking sonar. It is really pretty interesting to see what the bottom contours are going to be before you get there.
Another really great system aboard is the FLIR system. This is the thermal imaging infrared camera system. While we have not encountered fog, nor have we tried to run the boat at night, I am told that it all but eliminates the need for a spot light. And in the fog, it is a great enhancement to radar.
Another neat feature on this boat is the Bose entertainment system. There are wireless speakers in each cabin. Each has its own remote and can be controlled independently. The KVH satellite TV system insures that you won’t miss any of the episodes of “Dancing With The Stars” although, I must admit I have never seen it and probably wouldn’t miss it. I would rather dance with the stars while at anchor in a quiet cove.

So these pictures posted today were taken earlier this week on one of the sea trials. The new owners are getting checked out on the operation of the boat and soon will be off for their first cruise.

We will be displaying this boat at Trawlerfest in Anacortes. Trawlerfest begins May 7th and runs through May 9. Passagemaker University begins 2 days earlier. For complete details visit Passagemaker’s website