Tanks A Lot

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..er other building where the 42 is being built….things are progressing. Below is the black water/gray water tankage being fitted. This is one continuous

poly tank with a separator inside. The black water tank capacity is 125 gallons while the gray water is 30 gallons. The large tankage is to allow extended stays in no discharge zones.

Above is the engine liner nestled into the keel. The engine liner is a one piece molded (infused) part that integrates the engine mount attachment points to the hull. The bottom of the liner serves as a drip pan keeping any fuel or oil residue from mixing with the bilge water. Notice the bonding grid is also in place. It will be glassed in and forms the ground system that connects everything to the sacrificial zincs.
I caught Phil just as he was drilling out the shaft hole.