A Beehive of Activity

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For the last half of last week and all weekend we were working the Anacortes Boat Show so I didn’t get any time to post any new pictures. This morning I found that there had been quite a bit of progress made.
The pictures above and below are of the 600 gallon fuel tanks. These are one integral tank that has a partition in the middle to separate the tank into 2 cells. A crossover tube with isolation valving will connect the cells.
The openings that you see will function as inspection/clean out ports. The Racor filters will be installed on the face of the tank within easy reach.Above Kevin is assisting one of the workers in fitting the shaft log in the keel. It is critical that this be done correctly as the engine and shaft alignment would be affected if it not perfectly centered.
Don and Phil are going to fit the forward deck one more time just to make sure that if fits before installing all of the plumbing.
Having an overhead crane with a wireless remote sure makes it easy. I asked Don if he ever loses the remote like I do with the TV remote. He just smiled.

Easy Does It!!!

“Well done Don and Phil….. it fits like a glove.”