Northwest 45

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We are getting ready to announce a designation change for the NW42

Less than three years ago we kicked off the design program for the Northwest Trawler line. Throughout the process, we conducted ongoing discussions with our customers and continued to explore the latest innovations with our design and manufacturing team. During this time the boat we have always referred to as the NW42 underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. The result is a vessel with an overall tip to tip length closer to 46 feet (including bow roller and anchor) and a beam just shy of 16 feet.

As many of you know, we recently took Hull #1, “Nor’wester”, down the Pacific Coast from her home port in Anacortes, Washington to LaPaz, Mexico, participating in the FUBAR Odyssey that served as an extended sea trial. During that voyage it became obvious that our NW42 performed more like a much larger trawler. She has evolved into a very capable coastal cruiser handling beautifully even in very rough seas. We closely followed the CAD model as she grew up and went into production but now that she’s in the water we are experiencing first hand the full impact of countless incremental improvements. Given these facts and observations, plus the many comments we’ve had from guests on board, we now believe that the designation NW45 more accurately reflects her actual size and bearing.

2007 has been a great year of celebration for us. As it draws to a close we will be updating our website and printed material to reflect the change to NW45 and wanted to give you the inside scoop before this change goes public.

We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you and hope that we will be a part of your adventures in the coming years.