Float Test

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Our hull #1 got wet for the first time on Tuesday. This was a quick in and out test to verify all the calculations in the weight study.
She still sits quite high in the water but there is much to be added. When loaded, hull #1 will be quite a bit heavier than a standard boat. As you have read previously, this boat has almost all of the options available plus an additional 300 gallons of fuel. The good thing is that she sat level side to side and nearly level fore and aft.
Above is a shot of the steering pump and reservoir (upper right). This is a Kobelt system, the quality and robustness (is that a word?) that is usually found only on boats of more than twice the size of the 42. The sight gage visible on the reservoir will show the level and temperature of the steering fluid when the system is in use. The catch can at the bottom is to collect any overflow that might occur. The coiled line has a pump on it making replenishing of the steering fluid simple and “mess free”.
Scott is fitting a piece in the pilothouse. I took these pictures a few days ago so there is quite a bit more progress than seen here.
Curt has installed the optional 5 blade propeller. We ordered two props to test and had them computer analyzed before we installed one. Both props met the Class S specification which is as true and well balanced as you can get. Not visible but installed is the line cutter. It is just forward of the prop on the shaft.

The boat is being prepped for hull paint. If all goes well, I should have some pictures of the painted hull over the weekend. Stay tuned!!!