Another Sneak Peek

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Its been a busy week but I headed over to NW 5001 yesterday to see, first hand, the progress being made. I am always amazed at what the guys have accomplished. The boat is even more impressive in person than in pictures but I couldn’t resist taking some more shots and posting them. Please bear in mind that the boat is still under construction so there is some dust and many things are not quite finished yet.
As I approached, this was what I first saw. The first think I noticed was how well she sits on her lines. Kudos to Steve Seaton for nailing the weight distribution. If you look carefully, you will see the new window arrangement on the port side of the pilothouse. (Click the image to enlarge it). Also notice the opening portlight aft of the angled window. This was an addition that the owners requested. I must admit that I was dubious of how it would look, but now I think it looks terrific.
I had to walk down the quay to see her from the other side. The dock blocks her a bit but still, she looks good.
Another thing that impressed me was the arch and sub mast. Check out that spotlight. I forget the candle power but I am told that it will turn night into day. The strong spotlight, coupled with the FLIR system aboard and the owner should be able to pick his way through pretty much anything.
From inside the pilothouse, you can see how much more light will be let in. The portlight being of an opening type will let in welcome air on those muggy nights. Oh…..I forgot, this boat has air conditioning as well as a diesel heating system so the portlight may remain closed if the a/c is running. It is still nice to have fresh air when you want it. And besides, we never have muggy weather here in the Northwest :-).
Looking around the pilothouse, you can see the overhead electronics panel. Plenty of room up there to put all the toys you ever would want. In a later post, I will detail what is aboard this boat.
This is the brains of the boat. Four flat screen panels adorn the burl faced instrument panel. The gear on this boat rivals that which I have seen on 100’+ boats.
The small wheel is nice as with the joy stick and autopilot control, you seldom steer with the wheel.
As I walked past the day head, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sink and backsplash.
Then I continued up to the galley and discovered that the guys had partially uncovered the counters and backsplash so I snapped another shot. They must have seen me with my camera out. The granite is spectacular and as previously reported, I love the Bertazzoni range. On our next boat, this will be my choice.

Well, that’s all I have to report for now. Monday, if all goes well, there will be the first of the sea trials. I hope to ride along and if I do, I’ll give you an update.

Have a great weekend………….