Tanks…..but no tanks….

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The main fuel tank is resting in place. They placed it in the boat to verify it fit and also to see where the aux tanks need to go. The tank has been pressure tested to 2 lbs and it held the pressure overnight. The tank will be removed and all the fittings permanently attached before final installation.
Phil is measuring and marking the aux tank covers. These are structurally strong enough to support the weight of auxiliary equipment such as air conditioners, water heater, etc.
I caught Don as he was placing the forward bulkhead in place. This is the bulkhead between the forward master stateroom and the anchor locker. There will not be any access to the anchor locker here as we want to eliminate any chance of water or odor intrusion into the stateroom. Have you ever sniffed an anchor locker???? Not pleasant. This will be a watertight bulkhead.
The main tank has been removed to prepare it but here you can see the other aux tank in place along with the port side bulkhead that separates the galley from the pilothouse. Also visible is the crossover exhaust that Stan is fabricating. A custom heat shield is being ordered that will cover the dry stack portion.

I swung by our other location and visited the woodshop. Dan Thompson has things well underway there for the interior cabinetry. Here are a couple of pre-cut panels drying in the spray booth. All of the panels have been engineered and cut so that it should be just a matter of assembly and bonding once the hull is ready for the interior build out.

The superstructure mold is finally finished. The laminating crew will begin the layup this week and if all goes according to plan, we should have the superstructure ready to be built out within a couple of weeks. I will try and get some photos of the process.

More to come…………