Could the Economy Be Improving???

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These past 4 years have been pretty bleak for boat builders, brokers, and anyone else involved in the marine industry. The news media is still reporting bleak economic indicators with unemployment remaining high, housing markets depressed and a general lack of confidence in the current direction our country is going in.

But…..we are seeing an upturn. Not in orders yet but in activity. In the past 3 months, we have seen our monthly visitor tally more than double. And even better, we are getting inquiries. In the past 3 months we have had more inquiries than we had in the previous 3 years. We really haven’t done much different of late. We haven’t launched any new web marketing program or increased print ads. It may be that people are tiring of waiting for the economy to rebound and realizing that they aren’t getting any younger, and are deciding to “get on with getting on”.

So if you are reading this, and only recently began looking at boats (again??), post and let us know what is motivating you to be “shopping”.