Continued Progress

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The electrical crew has been pre-cutting the wiring in preparation of wiring the boat. This is just part of what will be installed. All the wiring is color coded and tinned. The tinned wire is considerably more expensive than standard copper wire but the benefit is that in years to come the owner of a Northwest 42 should have no problems with corrosion of the wiring. It is not an ABYC requirement, but only your better quality boats are using tinned wire.
The carpenters have begun installing the cabinetry in the pilothouse. There are large drawers on either side of the helm station with opening cabinets underneath. The instrument panel is just sitting there to see how it will look.
The deck drains have been plumbed under the boat deck. Also the wiring for the deck lights has been run.
REACH FOR THE SKY….. Oh…they are just putting the liner in place. I thought I was witnessing a bank heist.
As you can see from the above picture, the carpenters have been “furring” out the walls. Depending on the wall, there will be either wood veneers, fine cloth, or leather panels being applied to the furring.
As I was leaving, the laminators were preparing the vacuum bag for the infusion of hull #2 which is supposed to occur early next week.
The finishing crew has been preparing the hull to be painted. I believe it is to occur on July 25th (or thereabouts). I am not sure if I had mentioned it previously, but the color selected for the hull is Laureen Green. Many of you may have read Bill Parlatore’s article last summer in Passagemaker about interesting Awlgrip colors that can be used on boats. One example he used was his own rowing skiff which was painted Laureen Green (named after his wife Laureen). Jan and I loved the color and it really goes along with our “green” approach toward boating so with Bill’s approval, we’re going to paint hull #1 Laureen Green.