A Nice Note From an Owner

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One of our owners (Larry Hansen) recently returned from his summer cruise and sent me a very nice note regarding Orca’s reception by people he encountered.

Here is an excerpt:

“We just got back from three weeks in the San Juan’s and Desolation Sound so I thought I would give you a brief update on our summer cruising. We took our daughter, two grand children and their Caulker Spaniel “Sadie” with us. Even with all 5 ½ of us, the boat was very comfortable and never felt cramped. They spent a week with us in the San Juan’s before we headed north. Leaving Nanaimo the water and weather were fine as we crossed the Straits of Georgia. We proceeded directly to Desolation Sound in one easy day. Weather there was outstanding for most of the trip. In Prideaux Haven the air temperature and water temperature were a matching 77 F. There was only one night in Squirrel Cove where we had 25 to 30 knot winds, while at anchor. Noisy but no problems. Generally, we cruised at 8.5 to 10 knots depending on our schedule. The boat performed great.

I think you miss out on an important part of your boating business my not spending more time on the water in a NW45. You would be impressed with the tremendous positive response the boat gets at every place we stopped. For example we anchored one night across from Nanaimo next to Newcastel Island. We got there about 5 PM, sat on the fly bridge with a glass of wine and watched boats. Within two hours we had 13 boats come by specifically to look at Orca Blue. Everyone made very positive comments about the boat, some yelling across on what a great looking boat she was, some wanted to know where she was made and others gave a strong thumbs up. You would be very happy to see how well the boat is received, especially in Canada. Every anchorage produced numerous positive comments and questions. I believe you would be greatly encouraged about the future of the boat if you heard some of these complements. I know you experienced this while on Hull 1 but the interest continues.

Orca Blue is currently back in Tacoma. We are planning two south Sound trips yet this summer.

Linda and I hope all is going well with you and Jan. Please keep in touch.

Larry & Linda

PS: As a side note, our 12 year old Granddaughter wrote a little poem while she was cruising with us. It’s cute and I thought I would share it with you.

Riley’s Poem (Click on the Image to Enlarge, this is great)

Thank you Riley for that wonderful poem.

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