The Northwest Crew

YOUYou, our owners and clients, are the most important members of our crew.  Without you, there would be no Northwest Yachts.
 It is the listening to, and learning from you, our clients, that has given us the inspiration to develop our line(s) of boats.
 We welcome, no, we embrace, your participation.  It all starts with YOU…………
peterYour boat should be an extension of your life……catering to your sense of freedom and adventure……providing you with a self-sufficient and comfortable lifestyle with as little dependence on outside help as possible.
From the very beginning our goal at Northwest Yachts has been to design, engineer, and produce very high quality trawlers and expedition yachts.  We’ve spent years researching and talking with people about their boating goals and requirements.  The result is a series of luxurious, state-of-the-art vessels offering safety, comfort, and self-sufficiency for cruising in waters anywhere.
We’ve assembled a team of notable designers and builders to tailor just the right yacht for you. Are you ready to build the boat you envision for your cruising style….not someone else’s?
We would love to talk with you about your cruising plans and have you experience a genuine sense of partnership we feel is unique in this industry.
Jan TF 2009Since we started building boats, it has been my goal to use as many environmentally friendly products and green processes as we can. We use renewable and natural products whenever possible for woodwork, flooring, and wall coverings.  This can be done while maintaining the elegance and style for which Northwest Yachts are known.
As you begin planning your new boat, there are many realities to include. Will you have pets aboard; how many guests do you want to accommodate; are there going to be children visiting; and are there any special physical needs? You may have special stowage considerations; fishing gear, water-toys, hobbies, collections to display. Clutter is not your friend when underway.
I plan to listen and work with you toward creative, logical and attractive solutions. The goal is to have your new boat be so comfortable and functional you will prefer life aboard over life on land.
steveStephen R.  Seaton – Seaton Design:  Steve  has been professionally designing yachts for 40 years.  His lifelong fascination with the water, boats, and what makes them go started when he was 8 years old.  Sketching boats was a pastime for Steve long before he was ready to earn a living at it.
The chance to follow this passion began in earnest when he went to work for Bill Garden, the legendary Seattle yacht designer.  Steve has worked on almost every type of marine craft imaginable; both commercial and pleasure, large and small, production and custom.  Having done long series of designs for Delta Marine in Seattle, WA and Northern Marine in Anacortes, WA.
Steve’s diversified abilities in both the design and the building of yachts have helped him bring a fresh eye to each new project.   It’s what makes the design business fun as he enthusiastically embraces each new concept…..whether it is an eight foot dinghy or one hundred and fifty foot custom yacht.
Steve’s designs show a characteristic sensitivity to detail and balance that is proper and fitting.  In all aspects, from design to decor, these vessels just look and feel right.  This sophistication and attention to detail has been honed in over 500 custom yacht projects.
Steve’s depth of experience has made him a valued part of the Northwest crew.
sylvia_bio_article-2Sylvia Bolton – Sylvia Bolton Design Sylvia Bolton has been designing award winning yacht interiors since 1993.  “My approach to interior yacht design is to sculpt spaces”, says Sylvia.  The balance of her designs results in a beautiful space furnished and lit to perfection with the finishing touches of art and accessories.
Sylvia believes in close communication with clients to insure the creation of an area of shared ideas and vision.